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Nomura was born in 1968 in Nagoya, Japan. At the age of 8, he spontaneously started composing music. Soon after he started composition, he happened to listen to Bartok’s music. That was big impact on him. He decided to be a composer. When he was a high school student, he visited a composer Mikio Tojima who used to be the member of “Group Ongaku” which was the first music group of free-improvisation in Japan. When Nomura showed his piece to him, the composer said “If you don’t want to be a second-rate composer, you must not follow the corrections made by your teachers.” He followed this suggestion and decided not to go to music college nor take any private lessons. Instead he studied mathematics at Kyoto University.

In 1990 just before he graduated from the university, he formed an experimental rock band “pou-fou”. Luckily “pou-fou” was chosen from over 2700 groups as the 1st prize of the New Artists’ Audition 91 by Sony Music Entertainment. In the next year pou-fou’s CD “Bird Chase” was released from Epic/Sony Record(ESCK 8018) and he started his professional carrier as a composer/pianist.

Through working with Sony Nomura became more interested in innocent music by children than skilled music by professionals. In 1994 he got the British Council Fellowship. As a visiting postgraduate student at York University he studied the relationship between contemporary composition and creative music education. He visited schools more than 80 times and discovered new music in children’s mischief. His article “Follow Children’s Music -the fundamental idea” was published in the British Journal of Music Education by Cambridge University Press in 1996.

After one year research in York, he got more interested in collaborating with Japanese and Asian musical instruments. Since he has composed “Jogetlah! Beethoven” for Javanese gamelan in 1996, he has composed many pieces for gamelan.

He has several CDs such as “Semi“,