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In 1999 Nomura visited 2 care homes for elderly people to explore group composition. During the year he did 20 workshops in Shisei Home and 20 in Sakuraen.

In 2000 he composed a piano piece “Away From Home With Eggs” for Tomoko Mukaiyama, which was released on Mukaiyama’s CD “Amsterdam x Tokyo”. In the piece Nomura used the recorded voice of Kiyo Ozawa, 88-year-old lady in the care home.

In 2010 he made a piece “Old People’s Home Remix” for piano and video. In this piece the video was based on his workshop with elderly people.

In 2012 he made a documentary opera “Dango for the Revival” as “Old People’s Home Remix #2″, in collaboration with Kentaroh Ueda (video), Aya Sugimoto (photo), Osamu Jareo (dance) and Satsuki Yoshino (coordinate).

“Music and wellbeing in older adults: East to West” (pp.27-28) by Dr. Jane Bentley describes how Nomura works with elderly people.