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Whaletone Opera


Whaletone Opera is a semi-improvised music theatre of 4 acts. It was composed through workshops with a combination of professional musicians and community participants both in Japan and England. The composition took place during four one-week periods in 2004 and 2005. The score is very flexibly notated and is intended as a basic tool for re-creating the piece. Composition, arrangement and re-arrangement will be done in any future performances of Whaletone Opera . Whaletone Opera is a living piece of music.

Witch’s chant from Whaletone Opera Act 2

Hugh Nankivell (composer UK)

Sumihisa Arima (laptop)
Naoko Kikuchi (koto)
Shin Ichikawa (koto)
Jinya Imai (tsudumi)
Melissa Holding (accordion, koto)
Ben MaCabe (french horn, drums)
Anna Barry (voice)
Charlotte Bishop (violoncello)
Kazutoki Umezu (clarinet, saxophone)
Fuyuki Yamakawa (khoomei, igil)
Ayako Nakura (voice)
Tomoka Nagasu (biwa, shakuhachi)
Charles Hayward (drums)
Carol Grime (voice)
Pete Moser (trumpet, one-man-band)
Kana Hayashi (toys)
Kip Pratt (violin)
Hiroshi Obiki (khoomei, igil, jew’s harp)

Ezuko Hall
Arts Council England
Japan Foundation
Daiwa Anglo-Japan Foundation
Devon Music Service
Huddersfield University
Dartington College
Dartington Arts
South West Music School
The Sage Gateshead
Juice Festival

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