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Since he composed “Jogetlah! Beethoven” for Javanese gamelan and children’s choir in 1996, Nomura has composed lots of music for gamelan. In 2004, funded by Arts Network Asia he launched Asian improvised music project with a videographer Yukihiro Nomura and collaborated with Thai and Indonesian musicians and dancers both from traditional and non-traditional backgrounds. This culminated as i-picnic in the Kontraste Festival in Krems, Austria, in collaboration with Yohanes Subowo from Indonesia and Anant Narkkong from Thailand. In 2013 he got Asian Public Intelectual Fellowship from Nippon Foundation and write an essay and archived his research on collaborative composition in Indonesia and Thailand.

collaboration in Indonesia

collaboration in Indonesia

He is also very active to write music for Japanese traditional instruments, such as koto, shamisen, etc.

1) List of composition for Japanese instruments

Music of Hokusai
for Shakuhachi, Koto, xylophone, and kokyu

You can read an article by the composer on Asahi Beer Newsletter.

2 17-string koto’s

koto ensemble

4 koto, 3 17-string koto

Lovely letters from squirrels

Etude for Oshigame
koto (solo or 2 players)

2) List of composition for Javanese gamelan

Jogetlah! Beethoven[1996]
duration:20 minutes
instrumentation:Javanese gamelan, toy piano, melodica, children choir or its equivalent
first performed by Darma Budaya in Tango(Kyoto) in May 1996

02 Jogetlah! Beethoven by makoto nomura recording level was sometimes over, but I hope you can imagine the music.

Semi [2000]
duration:15 minutes
instrumentation:Javanese gamelan
first performed by Marga Sari in Lobby of Asahi Breweries (Tokyo) in july 2000
CD is available from steinhand

Pepelo pelog [2003]
duration:15 minutes
instrumentation:Javanese gamelan
first performed by Marga Sari at Izumi Hall (Osaka) in June 2003
CD is available from J-planning

Momotaro [2001-2005]Music Theatre of 5 Acts
duration:2 hours
instrumentation:Javanese gamelan
first performed by Marga Sari at Hekisui Hall (Shiga) in September 2006