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As an experimental composer he directs site-specific concerts in a swimming pool, zoo, public bath, campsite, and so on. Some of his graphic notations are published in the book “NOTATIONS 21” by Theresa Sauer

You can also read an article on Nomura’s composition method by Carl Bergstroem-Nielsen.

Nomura conducted for the concert in a swimming pool

Nomura is conducting for the concert in a swimming pool. photo: UEDA Kazunori, Courtesy of Aichi Triennale 2010

Root Music (2012)

Root Music (2012), photo: YAMAMOTO Tadasu, courtesy of Aomori Contemporary Art Centre(ACAC), Aomori Public University

Makoto Nomura grew vegetables on his composition "Field of Music".

He loves collaborations and has collaborated with animals, children, dancers, vegetables. He has worked not only in the field of contemporary music but also in the fields of visual art, performance art, community art, and whatever he likes.

Mae Machi ArT Centre
for any instrumentation

You can watch one example of the realisation of Mae Machi ArT Centre from o’oo”-2′24″of the following YouTube video.

No Notes
for ensemble of any instrumentation

Concert in a swimming pool
commissioned by Aichi Triennnale 2010

Concert of hot water
commissioned by Fukuoka Asian Art Triennale 2009

Music with Pets

Makoto NOMURA improvises with various animals and Yukihiro NOMURA filmed and edited the improvisation to produce DVD works.

Yukihiro NOMURA(video artist)

ducks, pigs, horses, Lion-tailed macaques, duc-langurs, oran-hutans, lions, an ant-eater

Japan Foundation
Ikon Gallery
The Grundy Art Gallery
Yokohama Triennale 2005


I-picnic is the ethnomusicological collaboration project through improvisation. We encourage people to join our improvisations and film them both indoors and outdoors.


Shin Nakagawa (ethnomusicologist/gamelan musician)
Anant Narkong (ethnomusicologist/Thai traditional musician)
Shin Sakuma (Javanese dancer)
Yukihiro Nomura (Video artist), Yohanes Sbowo(Javanese dancer/gamelan musician)


Kumiko Yabu (percussion)

Arts Network Asia
Osaka City University
Kontraste Festival
Japan Foundation


The Mongens is a cross-genre performing arts band of a dancer, a musician, an actor, and an arts administrator. It explores and creates new relationship between dance and music, music and drama etc.

Junko Kurashina(actor)
Makoto Enda(dancer)
Satsuki Yoshino(workshop coordinator)

Hugh Nankivell

Asahi Brewery Company
Japan Foundation

Bed & Breakfast 3 – Part Two – Breakfast from Bob Lockwood on Vimeo.

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